Bike type: E-Bike Level: Intermediate Duration: 3 days/3 nights
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Are you ready for an adventure on the historic Via degli Dei? Once a communication path used by ancient civilisations such as the Etruscans and Romans, it has become a must-see tourist attraction in the Apennines.

Initially, the Etruscans travelled along this road for at least four centuries (VII-IV a.C.) to promote their traffic and maintain their dominance over the Po Valley. Later on, the Romans founded the colony of Bononia in 189 BC on the remains of Felsina, and they built a trans-Apennine Roman road called Flaminia Militare in 187 BC with the consul Caio Flaminio to ensure a connection with Arezzo and Rome. Even in the Middle Ages, people continued to traverse the route on foot or horseback because it remained the easiest way to cross this stretch of the Apennines.

But why is it called Via degli Dei? The route touches places such as Monte Adone, Monzuno (Mons Iovis, Mount Jupiter), Monte Venere, and Monte Luario (Lua, the Roman goddess of atonement), all of which refer to the ancient gods worshipped by the Celtic-Roman civilisations.

The journey begins in the heart of Bologna, at the splendid Piazza Maggiore, and takes you across the Apennine ridge from north to south, finishing at the stunning Piazza della Signoria in Florence. Don't worry about conquering this adventure with just your legs- we offer an e-bike version of the journey partially modified for your enjoyment, so you can explore Via degli Dei easily and have lots of fun while doing it. As you ride your e-bike, you will pass by fields of wheat, olives, and sunflowers and discover charming little villages along the way.

But make sure to let the flatness of the terrain fool you; some challenging sections will still test your skills. Via degli Dei is also a journey through Italian traditions. From Emilia Romagna's famous Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to Tuscany's succulent steaks and truffles, there is something for everyone to savour. The local vineyards produce some of the finest wines in Italy, including Lambrusco, Chianti and Brunello di Montalcino, which pair perfectly with the regional cuisine. Don't miss out on traditional dishes such as tortellini, tagliatelle, bistecca alla fiorentina, and ribollita, the typical Tuscan soup.

So, pack your bags, rent an e-bike if you don’t have one, and hit the road on the historic Via degli Dei, the common thread that connects two great cities, Bologna and Florence. Riding your e-bike through natural landscapes and historical-architectural splendors is undoubtedly a fascinating way to experience it and live a great adventure!



  • Duration: 3 days / 3 nights
  • Type: e-mtb
  • In Numbers: Average day km 40/55 km with 1000/1500 d+
  • Meeting point: Bologna
  • Meeting Time (Day 0): 6.00pm
  • End of tour: Florence - Piazza della Signoria 
  • End of tour time (Day 3): approximately 4.00pm
  • Guide/Clients ratio: max 4 Participants for each guide
  • Classification of downhill trails: prevalence S2 with sections S1 and S3. 
  • Physical fitness level: intermediate
  • Climbing technical ability level: intermediate
  • Physical preparation: intermediate

The 3-day program:


Day 0


Arrive in the evening in Bologna, and welcome at the facility with a welcome drink. Free dinner with a walk in the city centre.

Day 1

Bologna - Monzuno

The meeting is set in Piazza del Baraccano around 9.00 am. We dedicate a bit of time to the presentations, luggage management, bike setting, etc. We move to the heart of the city, the wonderful Piazza Maggiore. We collect at ExtraBo tourist office our "Credential Certificate" (Pilgrim’s passport) that will keep track of our itinerary in the next three days. It’s time to take some photos, and finally, we go! Crossing the centre of Bologna toward Arco del Meloncello is our first challenge. Still, in a few minutes, we will climb to Colle della Guardia, alongside the famous arcade leading to the Sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca. Once we have passed the 666 arcades, we descend towards the RenoRiver to Parco Talone in Casalecchio. From here, we reach Palazzo De Rossi, an ancient and prestigious residence, and then cross the river again on the Ponte di Vizzano. We continue, climbing off-road tracks crossing the meadows of Mugnano, Monte del Frate and Monte Mario. Lunchtime has come! We deserve a break in a typical restaurant near Monte Adone, the culmination of the Pliocene Fortress. After a good plate of tagliatelle, we keep riding in the Monzuno area, until we reach our hotel.

Day 2

Monzuno - San Piero a Sieve

The last day of our trip begins with a ride among olive groves and vineyards. The Trebbio Castle stands above us, and the surrounding landscape we will admire is typical of Mugello. Once in Tagliaferro, we climb again up to 850 m above sea level to reach the sanctuary of Montesenario, which since 1245 has been the home of the Servants of Mary. The view finally opens up on our final destination. What an emotion! Florence is finally there in front of us! The next stop is Fiesole, from which, in a few minutes, we reach the marvellous belvedere and admire the “Cradle of the Renaissance” in all its majesty. We descend into the city through the narrow cobbled streets that lead to the main avenue, and we are in the main square of Florence, enjoying Palazzo della Signoria and Donatello’s David. Such a great emotion that it is difficult to explain. It must be experienced! The effort of the last three days is abundantly rewarded by satisfaction, and the magnificence of the beauty of Florence becomes even more fantastic after having “conquered” it by bike.

Day 3

San Piero a Sieve - Florence

In the first part of our third day of travel we are surrounded by olive groves and vineyards, the Trebbio Castle stands above us and the surrounding landscape is typical of Mugello. Having arrived in Tagliaferro, we climb again up to 850 m above sea level to reach the sanctuary of Montesenario which has been the home of the Servants of Mary since 1245. The view finally opens onto our final destination. How exciting, Florence is there, finally in front of us!
The descent takes us quickly to Olmo and subsequently to the square of Fiesole, from which, in a few minutes, we reach the large viewpoint and admire the "Cradle of the Renaissance" in all its splendor. We descend into the city through the narrow cobbled streets that they lead to the main avenue and we are in the main square of Florence, in front of the Palazzo della Signoria and in front of Donatello's David. An incredible emotion, you have to experience it to be able to explain it! The effort is abundantly rewarded by the satisfaction and the magnificence of the beauty of Florence becomes even bigger after "conquering" it by pedaling.

  • 2 MTB guides for 3 full days
  • All scheduled transfers
  • 3 nights in a hotel with breakfast
  • Welcome drink, 3 dinners, 3 lunches
  • Basic / emergency mechanical assistance
  • Basic insurance coverage
  • Transport from home to the meeting point (Bologna)
  • Bikes & spare parts (rental on request)
  • Drinks when not otherwise specified
  • Personal extras
  • Single room surcharge
  • Anything not listed in "Included in package"
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